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 HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us in the Old West Side


 See you in 2020 for Walk with Grace as well as


 the Homes Tour on September 13, 2020!

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John Gouin has joined us to publish the Old West Side News. We know that Gavin Eadie deserves our thanks for making it happen all these years. The next issue of the Old West Side News is underway and will soon be out to be distributed by early in the month. Reminder, copy is due the beginning of the month prior to publication (so August 1 for the September issue.) This issue will highlight current developments and our generous columnists. We publish nine times a year (monthly, except no issues in March, July, and November). For more information, contact information@oldwestside.org or oldwestsidea2@gmail.com .

Please consider submitting a short piece (400 words? 800 words?) on a subject of interest or importance to you and to your neighbors. Photos are also welcome.

Again: press deadlines are the first week of the month PRIOR to publication (i.e., materials for the April newsletter should be submitted the first week of March).

Copy may be submitted to information@oldwestside.org, or oldwestsidea2@gmail.com, or to Christine Brummer, President, at brummer@umich.edu or call 734-945-0229 to make other arrangements.

Our forty-eight sponsors keep us in print! Please check them out in the newsletter.

We are pleased to use Foresight Group as our printers continuing our relationship with the Goetzcraft family to produce the OWSNews and related materials.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN NEXTDOOR, FACEBOOK OR TWITTER COVERAGE of the Old West Side, please take a look - tags are noted in the newsletter.